Fast Five Favourites: Book, author, genre, film adaptation, ending.

  • The Great Gatsby.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Very subject to change. At the moment I’m loving YA, romance and chick-lits, really anything light.
  • Trainspotting. I watched T2 first, then the original and then had to read the book immediately.
  • Happy and resolved. When it comes to characters I’m invested in I am very much in need of closure.

Hi there! Welcome to Pages and Everything, a blog dedicated to books and reading. I’m Helen, thanks for visiting.

I’ve loved reading ever since I was tiny but as I got older I was able to read less and less due to deadlines, general life busyness and, more recently, a Netflix subscription. By January 2017 I hardly read at all and made reading more one of my *unofficial* New Years resolutions. That’s why I started this blog: to encourage me to read and keep track of books that I’ve read and enjoyed and others I want to read in the future. I upload book reviews, recommendations, favourites and discussion articles around things that I’ve found interesting recently. If you enjoy this blog please follow Pages and Everything to receive notifications of when a new article is uploaded, follow my Instagram and keep in touch in the comments.

I very much hope you like what you read.

– Helen Worrall